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Update Your Security

Welcome to Security

uksecurityshop-building-01Remember the days when you could leave your front door unlocked and your car keys in the sun shade of your car? Well those days are gone and we’re living in a world of increasing insecurity. This website is dedicated to discussing and passing blame on all groups involved in ruining that peaceful easy feeling you once had in your own home.

The truth is we’re always looking for new ways to feel safe. If you’re doors aren’t solid steel reinforced or if your teeth haven’t had Fluoride sealants put on them or if you don’t get the latest Mcafee antivirus package update you’re probably going to experience a minor apocalypse and end up in the hospital with a brain tumor the size of Texas and a oh so terrible feeling that if you had only been a bit more security conscience you may not have had to spend your whole retirement fund on medical bills and extra socks.

If this is starting to sound like gibberish, it’s because it’s being done in the same way that news agencies and life insurance salesmen talk. That is not our goal. We’re here to discuss and complain about the very businesses that make worrying about security a necessity – who thrive off the fear instilled in people because of chaos and make a profit on your fear of the unknown. Watch out for these charlatans who will take your money and destroy your peace of mind all under the guise of security.